The Feeling That Lingers

This wasn’t a feeling that fits into any category. This is a feeling that lingers. It will morph into different things. It will ebb and flow, rise and fall like tides. It will evaporate with the sun, then fall back down as rain.



2 thoughts on “The Feeling That Lingers

  1. Then it is yours to relate to…confuse it, give it love, and for you too. No longer it’s slave, be it’s master. Good energy coming to you…to begin that love within and the start of a smile. Smiles trigger endorphins… hates endorphins, long walks, beautiful scenery, nice people, puppy dogs and any form of exercise 🙂 Because endorphins block it. Fight fire with fire, give love to you, and be happy for yourself. You deserve it. You beat it fair and square, it no longer has control.
    Hope your Christmas and New Year came to you with love & happiness. Big gentle hug Crystal, may it continue for your 2014. Namaste

    • I couldn’t find a better way to describe the feeling of addiction. I know it will continue to enter my life in more ways than one, but I will use it to my benefit. Make it my strength instead of my weakness. Thank you again, all the best!

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