Exiting The Comfort Zone

We all want to feel safe and secure with our surroundings and most of all safe and secure with ourselves; sometimes so much to the point where we put limits and boundaries that can mimic a false sense of security. Even if it is made up, as long as it is giving you the comfort you need it will always make sense to you. Living locked inside a self created comfort zone will only get you so far. I know the fear involved in taking that initial step, possibly life changing step. I know fear can consume you, take control of your mind in ways you didn’t know possible. At some point I just got sick of feeling afraid, I got sick of the pointless drama, I got sick of caring about crap that shouldn’t matter. I forgot what it was like to live, to feel happy, to feel anything at all. It’s been overwhelming at times, but very rewarding. It’s the small things like meeting new people, smiling and laughing, and just enjoying life in general. It’s nice to just sit back and take everything a day at a time, instead of constant worry and panic. I can’t be bothered with pointless drama that seems to consume most people. Maybe I just don’t understand it; maybe it doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it’s just me, sick of the insignificant bullshit. There is always something to be afraid of, something to have anxiety over; I can’t deny that. It’s just not worth it to me anymore, and it hasn’t been for a while. After constant running for years, I just want to stop and be happy. So far I think I’m succeeding.


4 thoughts on “Exiting The Comfort Zone

  1. Wow! Great message Crystal! I totally agree. I felt so sad for so many things, for so long. Things I couldn’t do anything about. I would look for the drama instead of the solution,so someone would feel sorry for me and be on my side. I wrote my friend and told her that I don’t want to be the VICTIM any more! Sounds like you have figured this out long before I did. Great job! You are really working on yourself. How long have you been sober now?

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