It Won’t Be Easy

Just when you think you’re ready to move on, ready to start over, ready to make things happen, it all comes crashing down to test your limits, test what you’re made of and whether or not you’re able to handle it. So that’s it, one step forward, two back? I don’t think so.

Let’s be real, you’re tested at your weakest moments. Or at least it seems that way. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just more noticeable when you feel weak. It can be extremely discouraging to feel positive and ready, and within a blink of an eye you’re down and out; again, a vicious cycle that seems to have no escape. Memories and triggers ignite without warning sometimes bringing you to your knees asking why, and reasonably so; to feel defeated and maybe even broken.

[because it’s one missed step, you’ll slip before you know it…]

Somewhere within, possibly deep within; it’s there, that thing that brought you this far, when you didn’t think it was remotely possible. It’s there patiently waiting to be found, to be reunited with the depths of your soul.


4 thoughts on “It Won’t Be Easy

  1. Yes you will be tested, and yes you will get back up. And be stronger for it each time. It is all about finding your truth, your belief in you, your dreams which before you had never allowed yourself to imagine for fear it would all come tumbling down. You have been amazing to finally remove something that kept you chained to a false belief about yourself. You have now given yourself a chance to finally find you. Your wants, your needs because they are who you truly are. You are beginning to learn what it is to have faith in yourself. And the reality in that is in giving that love to yourself. Love that beautiful creature inside that is you. Before was a terror of no love, no worth and a focus on something that gave you nothing in return. Now it is the reverse, and you can have it all. Give that love to you, as you are beginning to do by the very fact of the direction that you now take. Every second of every day you are now giving to you, building a life that now gives more and more meaning within. Yes there will be some days that will test you, but in doing so you will see that the wisdom you have now gained means that these ‘days’ will no longer affect you like they used to. You have much more faith, strength and confidence each day that you live your truth and believe in what you wish to become. Take a bow Crystal, I am very proud of you, and the strength of your journey. It takes someone with great strength and fortitude to take the path that you have. Be proud of that and what you have built. And yes, that ‘thing’ that is deep within, is you, your spirit within that now wishes to show you the love that is inside you. It has just been waiting until you are ready. As it does for us all. We are shown the lower energy’s of fear, hate, jealousy etc, and now comes that stage of understanding when you feel those higher energy’s of love, happiness, faith and trust etc. The wisdom that is given with these understandings shows just how beautiful these things are because we have been through those terrible lower places and no longer wish to be affected by them so we let them go and no longer allow them to rule our lives. First give that love to yourself and all else will come. Namaste

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