You Create Your Own Happiness

It is okay to feel sorry for yourself, its okay to feel down. Everyone does, it would be weird if you didn’t. But in the end everyone creates their own happiness.

You can decide to lie down and give up, or you can make the best of it and move on.  I know; easier said than done.

I think some of us are just prone to thinking negatively, maybe the past is to blame, maybe a specific incident. Either way, we all create our own happiness.

I’m not implying that after something horrific, you just pick yourself up and smile like everything is okay. It’s not about ‘acting’ happy or pretending to be something your not. For some people it takes time; a lot of time to turn things around.

It’s about the effort you put in trying to make the best out of your current situation. I will be the first to say that some days I don’t want to move, I don’t want to wake up and deal with the day. Even if I have absolutely nothing to do; it happens. And there is nothing wrong with that, but at some point I got sick of feeling sorry for myself, sick of blaming the world, blaming everyone but myself. So those days that I don’t want to get up, those days that I feel nothing but dread; I force myself to get up, I force myself to stop procrastinating. It’s not like I wake up and everything is fixed, and perfect.  Nothing’s perfect, but its small things I do to make my days better.

I have to do what I have to do to be happy, to feel a sense of accomplishment, and independence. They way I look at it; I went out of my way to get drugs to get high. Now I have to go out of my way to create my own happiness. Its small things daily, it’s my actions, my words, my surroundings.

Everything with time.


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