“Hope For The Best, Expect The Worst”

“Hope for the best, expect the worst”

What do you think of this statement? Do you agree, or disagree?

This is something I have always done, and it’s something that has worked for me. I know a lot of people don’t agree with this. My mom always tells me it’s no way to look at things. She truly believes in the power of positive thinking, and always staying positive even in the worst circumstances. Well, that’s a super power. I couldn’t stay positive always even if I wanted to. That’s not to say that when I am hoping for the best that I am automatically expecting the worst. But I am preparing for it. Bracing whatever impact may or may not arise. I don’t do this because I think it’s easier, I do this because it makes a whole lot of sense to me. I’ve had this conversation with many people, and I’m curious to see what works for you.

Optimism verses pessimism; does it have to be either or? Can you be a bit of both, depending on the circumstances?

“What’s emerging, from studies is that both optimism and pessimism have important roles to play in people’s lives. Being optimistic allows people to pursue their goals in a positive way: to dream a bigger and better dream, which they can work their way towards. Optimists also seem to respond better to positive feedback, and part of being optimistic may be generating this feedback for themselves, i.e. thinking positive thoughts. On the other hand being pessimistic may help people reduce their natural anxiety and to perform better. Also, pessimists seem to respond better to negative feedback. They like to hear what the problems were, so they can correct them. Again, part of why pessimists generate these sorts of negative thoughts is that it helps them perform better. So it’s different strokes for different folks. Optimism and pessimism aren’t just accidents; this evidence suggests they are two different, but effective, strategies of coping with a complex and unpredictable world.”


Everyone is different, everyone has different beliefs, and everyone looks at things their own way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and their own ways.

I wouldn’t say I am a pessimist or an optimist I think I am a bit of both. What about you, do you think you are an optimist or a pessimist? Or neither, or both?

I thought I would get as much feedback as I could. Just out of curiosity.


4 thoughts on ““Hope For The Best, Expect The Worst”

  1. Very interesting! I’ve been called an idealist at times! And maybe it is true to some extent. I was thinking about the question you posed and I have to say that I hope for the best and that’s all, I have left the expectations part out! Expectations I believe set me up for failure. If I expect the best and it doesn’t happen then I can say see I failed, if I expect the worst then the worst usually happens and I can say, see I told you that would happen. In my life I have learned that what ever I expect usually doesn’t happen the way I expected it either, so really for me, no expectations, take things as they are and be happy anyway! 🙂

  2. Crystal – My friend who lives in Arizona always says, “Hope for the best – Prepare for the worst.” I like that better.

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