Live And Learn

You can’t learn from a mistake if you don’t admit you’ve made a mistake. We can learn from our bad decisions. Admitting you’ve made a mistake is a crucial step in learning, growing, and improving yourself.   The most important life lessons we can learn will be from the bad decisions we make.

People make mistakes on all different levels. It’s learning from them that matters most. It’s recognizing and unravelling, turning them into life lessons. If you don’t learn from them then you are likely to repeat them. Some mistakes are minor, some are lethal. It can hurt you and the people surrounding you. Live and learn.

I use to hate everyone and everything. I thought this world was a horrible place filled with horrible people. I didn’t care about anyone including myself. What was the point? Why did it matter if everything that happens is awful? I was miserable, and at one point I didn’t want to feel so miserable anymore and I learned to stop hating my surroundings and started to look more at myself. Maybe I was the reason I was full of hate, maybe I made my world horrible. It was true. I had a choice to go through life hating everyone and everything and attracting negative energy, or I could do my best to be a good person, to lend a hand out when it’s needed, to be a shoulder to cry one when needed, to love and to care for others and myself. I learned empathy. I learned to put myself in someone else’s shoes, and that made me see that everything and everyone wasn’t as awful as I once saw. I learned not to judge. I learned to be honest. I learned that this world is filled with beauty and sometimes it’s found in the ugliest places.


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