A Letter To My Parents

Sometimes when we’re talking, I wish I could tell you everything I feel about you… it’s so hard to put into words the feeling of love and gratitude. But I just hope that your heart can hear what my words can’t always say. I love you. You’ve given so much over the years; it’s hard to find a way to say thanks. You’ve taken so much time and made so many sacrifices and created unforgettable memories for our family. I’m sure our past hasn’t been what you imagined it to be. It hasn’t always been beautiful. Some of it has been scary and painful and sad. But through it all we’ve grown with joy and courage and hope and although we don’t have as much time together as we did when I was little I can still look into your eyes and know that you love and care about me and just knowing that gets me through the day. It’s hard to believe I’ve grown up so quickly; definitely not a little girl anymore, and there’s so much pride in having parents like you.
Dozens of memories crowd into my mind of wonderful, growing –up-years of mischief, adventures, decisions, and dreams of laughter and tears. Some people mean so very much and no one could mean more then the very special parents that this letter is for.
I just wanted to finally take the time to thank you and show my appreciation that I know you don’t always see. I know you feel I take things for granted and maybe sometimes I do, but I do know and realize just how lucky I am. I do appreciate every last bit. Thank you.

Love always, Crystal xoxo



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