Word’s Can Be Powerful

I always sit around thinking of something to write and usually things come to mind when I’m in the most random places at the most random times. It seems always when I have no way of jotting them down.

I know I can always write about personal issues, like family drama and things a lot those lines. But I think it bores people sometimes. I usually try my best to leave it somewhat open to interpretation, I want people to be able to relate.

I want to write something amazing, something incredible, powerful, something that everyone wants to see, something people would still be talking about days from now. But I am not a professional writer. This blog is all new to me.

My whole life even through all the addictions I wanted nothing more then to be able to help people one day. One way or another. And for now until I finish school this blog is my ‘another’. I know it’s not much. But I also know from personal experience, words are powerful and sometimes being able to relate to someone is enough to know you’re not alone.


2 thoughts on “Word’s Can Be Powerful

  1. No one ever gets it right the first time, even if they do come out swinging. Babe Ruth taught me how; “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from swinging.” There’s always room for improvement for all of us.

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