The Darkest Hour Only Has Sixty Minutes

“The Darkest Hour Only Has Sixty Minutes”  – Morris Mandel

This is true, but sometimes the darkest hour turns into the darkest day or darkest month, or darkest year.

My darkest hour turned into a dark, dark decade. Only now after ten years, the light is starting to creep its way through. Some-day’s are lighter than others. It’s almost like the light is afraid, intimidated by the darkness whom is stronger and more powerful. The darkness consumes people taking them hostage for however long it pleases. But once the light finds you, and your ready to hang on tight to the positivity it brings, it can save you. But one should always know that the darkness is always waiting, always lurking, invading all your thoughts, waiting for the right moment to strike. That darkness is addiction, and that light is sobriety in my world.

I’m scared; That is an understatement. I am terrified of that lurking darkness. I can feel it, its always beside me, waiting for me to fall. It will bend and break me time after time. I can’t tell anyone how much I fear myself. I know what addiction mentality is capable of. My past makes that very clear. When the darkness catches my fall, it turns me into someone I don’t recognize. I have found the light once again, and I am holding on for dear life this time. But this time around I better beware, if I think I’m stronger or smarter this time then I haven’t learned a thing. I know the darkness will take hostage of my soul. It stands by my side watching all that I do and will always be faithful catching me if I slip.


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