The Old Me; The New Me

The old me says “this isn’t for me. This is what I don’t do, don’t like, don’t want to be involved with.” And the new me? Well, the new me is only just being established. The new me hasn’t been around long enough to assert itself with confidence, backed up by years of precedent and experience, the new me says, “I am not so sure that I still feel what I once felt.”But it is humble and faltering. Even so, the new me has the weight and power of my future on its side. And that counts for far more than the past.

I deserve a better, brighter future. Why shouldn’t I have one? What stands in the way? Just possibility, the greatest, if not the only obstacle, might be my own idea of what a better, brighter future might be like. I’ve got a clear view of how I would like things to be. But am I seeing the only way in which things could turn out well? Am I ruling out some of the possibility which might prove just as satisfactory, if not significantly better? I have to allow it a little flexibility.


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